Discover why you should get a masters degree in jazz studies

If you are finishing your music degree or are finished with your bachelor’s degree in music, you should consider going to get a master’s degree in jazz studies. There are many musical and non musical benefits to studying jazz studies for a master’s in music. What are the benefits of getting a master’s degree in music?

Assuming you want to play professionally, getting a master’s in music will allow you get spend more time practicing. This will make you an overall better player, and you could possibly get better jobs when you graduate. Most of the best jobs out there are taken by guys with at least some masters’ degree level training. Of course, you do not need a degree to be a great musician, but this extra time to practice will prove beneficial to your playing.

When you are in a jazz studies program you will meet many people who want to break into the music scene. This might be how you find your full-time job after school. Universities are a great place to build contacts, and being in a jazz studies program you will likely meet other good musicians. Consider getting a master’s degree somewhere you would like to live after you graduate, because you will likely start getting gigs and will have the contacts built up for that location. If you move away you will lose this.

If you ever get tired of playing your instrument for a living you can get into teaching. With a master’s degree you are more likely to be hired by a school to teach your instrument. This provides money for a back up or if you wanted to retire from playing. It will be easier to build your private teaching studio with a master’s degree as well. Parents will respect this and trust you more with their child’s education.

There are many other benefits that you will get from getting a master’s degree in music, but it is a very helpful thing to do if you wish to perform professionally on guitar. You will get more time to practice and grow as a musician, you will meet other musicians who will help you find jobs and you can teach more easily if you have a master’s degree. Share your thoughts below. I would love to hear what you have to say about getting a master’s degree in jazz studies.

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