Don’t Give Up

This is more of an inspirational post than anything.  Although this is a guitar website you can use this for anything you do in life. The topic today is about staying strong when things seem hard. We all have a tendency to want to back out in the bad times, but is this the best thing to do? Everyone who has ever lived, including those alive and those who will live has come across points in their life where they wanted to quit. There is no way around this. How we handle these hard situations is what defines you.

I like to give this example to my students when they say something is not as easy as they want it to be. I ask them what their favorite athlete is, and depending on the person I get different responses. Let’s just use “athlete” as his name. Do you think Athlete would be athlete if everyone had the ability to do what he does without work? Hard work is the thing that separates the good from the great. Athlete did not get that good sitting on the couch playing video games. No way, he spent many hours practicing his sport and working out. I can guarantee athlete felt like quitting sometimes. Maybe he couldn’t do a certain technique right. The fact is he stuck with it and overcame his difficulties.

I was pinteresting earlier (yes, I like pinterest) and I came across this inspirational photo. It said “The greater the difficulty, the greater the victory” This is very correct. If you have trouble learning something, but stick it out and work through it you will have a much greater victory. It is also a great feeling to finally learn to do something that you’ve been working at for a long time and could not do.

I hope this encourages you to stick it out.  Times will get rough, but that is part of life. Remember the old saying “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade”? Stick through it and you will make the best of the situation. You will come out stronger and more prepared for the next difficult thing. Keep on Keeping on!

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