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Swinging music is used in many genres. It is a great way to add rhythmic variation to your rock solos and it is the primary rhythmic source used in jazz. A lot of people tend to get all philosophical when they talk about swing, but in this article I will explain practical thing you need to know about swing. What is swing and how do you do it? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

Swing is a style of music based on the triplet feel. There are different ways you can swing, but all swing is based on the triplet. All triplet options work for the swing feel. You can play quarter note triplets, 8th note triplets or 16th note ones.  If you are not sure what a triplet is, an 8th note triplet is 3 notes per beat. The way I think of it is saying tri-path-let each beat. The tri being the first beat of each beat. All these notes are exactly equal in length. What are some different ways to swing?

You can swing a couple different ways. First you can play the normal triplet. However you will need more options than just that. So you have 3 equal notes per beat. The first way to swing, and is the most common, is to play the 1 and 3. You do not play the middle note of the triplet. In jazz music all written 8th notes are played like this. Another way you can swing music is to play the 1 and 2 and skip the 3. This isn’t as common, but is still used a lot. Both of these options are usable with all options of the triplet. Quarter note, 8th note and 16th note can all use these 2 options.

Swing is the primary rhythmic option in jazz. Everything in jazz is based on swing. Swinging music is not just a jazz concept though. There are examples of rock guitarists that swing, and swing is used in country music all the time. Swinging can add that extra little spice to your playing. Being rhythmic is always a good way to improve your solos.

Swing music is all based around the triplet. There are different ways you can swing, but they all revolve around the triplet feel. You can count triplets by saying tri-pa-let. You can also count it by saying banana or any other 3 consonant words. It can be used in virtually any style of music and can spice up your playing if used well.  Blessings!

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