Guitar Picks – Should you use small or big picks?

There are many different companies that make guitar picks, and within these companies there are many styles of picks they make.  Some guitar picks are large and some are small. Which are better to use and why? How do you know what the best choice is for your own playing? These questions will be answered shortly.

Large picks are by far the most common style guitar pick. You find them everywhere; they are even turned into necklaces. These are the typical guitar picks that most people think of when they think of guitar pick. The large guitar picks have an advantage that you can find them lying around, which can cut back on buying new packages as often. The other advantage is that large guitar picks have a lot to hold on to. This could possibly make it less likely to slip as much, but not necessarily. The benefit of having more to grab on to can also be seen as a disadvantage because it is slower because the extra material to hold on to.

Small picks are used very rarely, these are mostly known as jazz picks except not only jazz players can use them. They are compact and make playing simpler because there isn’t so much loose material. The downside to these picks is that they can be dropped easily because they are smaller.  You won’t find these lying around at gigs and any place in stage or around other guitar players, but they have their benefits.

Choosing something like a guitar pick is extremely personal. No guitar teacher, guitar book or guitar blog could ever tell you what is best for you when it comes to guitar picks. I suggest you buy a couple different packages of guitar picks to find out what you like. If you do this, don’t just try them for 30 seconds and say you don’t like it. Stick with each style for a week then reevaluate what you thought of the guitar pick. You may find you like the small pick because of the extra control you have, or you may find that the extra material from the bigger picks works better with your fingers.

There are many benefits to both kinds of guitar picks be it small or large picks. Picking out a guitar pick you like is extremely personal and you should experiment with different sizes and styles to find what works best for you. Give everything a fair chance, you will be use to one thing and changing is hard, but you may find the change is a valuable part of your progress as a guitarist

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