Learn the Parts of the Guitar Starting With the Guitar Body

guitar body

A picture of the parts of the guitar body

Knowing the parts of the guitar will help you chat with other guitarists and help you know how to communicate about certain things. Learning about the parts on the body of the guitar will allow you to understand more about the guitar. In this lesson we will discuss the parts of the guitar’s body and I suggest you memorize the names of these parts and a little about their function.

The guitar is held on to the player by guitar straps. Guitar straps are held onto the guitar by using Strap Buttons. Strap Buttons are on the ends of the guitar and that is where the guitar strap connects.  The guitar cable connects to the output jack. This is where the sound is transferred from the guitar to the amp. Output jacks are sometimes in different locations depending on the guitar, but on a typical strat model it will be in the location on the picture.

Pickups are the thing responsible for picking up the strings vibrations. Because of this, they are always found under the strings between the bridge and the neck. Pickups give their signal to the output jack. The bridge is responsible for holding the strings on the guitar. It can also do cool things like whammy bar stuff. The Bridge is always found at the end of the guitar body right above the output jack.

Most guitars have volume knobs and tone knobs. The volume knob controls how loud your guitar is. Wild guess how it got its title? The tone knobs control the darkness of the guitar. Another similar switch on the guitar is the pickup selector. This is what determines which pickup is being used. Pickup selectors vary with different types of guitars.

The cutaways are where your hands fit. Some acoustic guitars do not have cutaways. All electric guitars do. When both sides have cutaways they are called double cutaways. Picks ups are there to protect the guitar from picks, but they also have a second purpose. They hold wires inside the guitar. Not all guitars have pickgaurds.

Learning the names and purpose of the parts on the guitar you will be able to communicate with other guitarists about the guitar. You will use this terminology almost every day as a guitarist. Spend the time to learn about the guitar and its parts and you will be glad you did.  You can now understand what other guitar players are talking about when they use these terms.

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