Learn The Parts Of The Guitar Starting With The Guitar Neck

A diagram of a guitar neck that shows the parts of a guitar.

A diagram of a guitar neck that shows the parts of a guitar.

The guitar can be separated in to 2 main parts. In this lesson we are going to discuss the parts of the guitar that are on the guitar neck. There are more parts of the guitar neck than those that are mentioned here, but this is all you need to know to get started. I suggest you memorize the names of the parts and try to remember some of the facts about them. You will be using this terminology the rest of your guitar career.

The guitar neck is the longer skinny part of the guitar. This is the section of the guitar that is responsible for the notes you play. On the guitar neck section the top part where the strings are is called the fret board. The fret board is where the frets are. Give a wild guess how it got its name? These guitar frets are what give the guitar its pitch. Every time you hit that note (if your guitar is in tune) it will play the same note.  If you are interested in learning about how to guitar changes pitch then click here. (To come soon) When you look at a guitar you will notice either dots or designs on the fret board. This is called inlays. These are sometimes used to help the guitarist locate their position on the fret board, or just to look fancy. Sometimes they glow in the dark and some even come with lights!

The very lowest part of the neck is a little plastic piece. This is kind of like a fancy fret that ends the neck. This piece is called the nut. After the nut you have the head of the guitar which holds a lot of mechanisms to make the guitar work. The guitar head is responsible for holding tuning knobs. Tuning knobs are what you use to hold strings onto your guitar and to keep them in tune. This is also called tuning machines and tuning pegs. Another thing that is past the nut is a string tree. Not all guitars have these. Their main function is to angle the strings to hold them into place. They hardly affect the tone of the guitar.

The guitar neck is full of gadgets and parts that are useful to the guitarist. Know what these are and what they are used for and you will be much more familiar with your guitar. You will use these terms in your whole career as a guitarist, even if you aren’t a professional you will use these terms. This is a good beginning list of the parts on the guitar neck and from here you can expand your knowledge with more in-depth knowledge of the guitar.

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