Music History Study Sheet

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When learning about music history, ask yourself these questions. This is not a complete list, it is meant to give you an idea how you can make history come to life. Some of these questions may seem irrelevant, but the goal is to be able to picture the person’s life. The more you understand, the more you realize that they were a real person, and you can imagine them talking to people. Try to complete this list for every musician you learn about.


When was the artist born?

What country did they live in?

Were their parents musicians?

What Instrument do they play?

Who did they study from?

What was their main source of income from?

What Ethnicity are they?

Is their voice high or low?

Do they have any diseases?

Are there any interesting side stories about them?

Who were their friends?

Were they known as being nice?

What were their most famous compositions?

If you had a conversation with them, what would they tell you?

Did they have any children?

Were they married?

What did their house look like?

What kind of clothing did they have?

What form of transportation did they use?

Did they ever accomplish anything outside of music?

Do they have any famous quotes?

What were their hobbies?

How did they die?

When did they die?

Are they well known today?


Feel free to add additional questions to this. The more questions you ask, the more you will remember. Print this sheet out and try it for yourself. Try to answer each question. Use books, internet, teachers or any other resource you can find. Have fun!

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