The One Thing That Makes Music Great

Have you ever wondered if there was one thing that tied all great music together? Maybe you thought that if there was only one concept you could understand about music that would make you a great musician. Well I am here to tell you that there is something that ties all great music. All styles of music contain this element. All great artists have this technique down. You can easily learn this and apply it to your own music and see great results.

All music contains the element of energy. Its kind of like spunk or excitement. All great artists deliver their music with a sort of energy that makes us connect to them. The musicians that lack this element are usually brushed off as not being very good. Would you want to listen to an hours worth of music by an artist that sounds like melting ice cream? NO!

Try this exercise. Sit down with music that you enjoy and listen to each musician individually. Listen to the singer. Do they sound like they have energy? Spunk? Excitement? Do they move you? Do this to the drummer, guitarist, bassist and anyone else.

This is a simple thing, but it is extremely important. This doesn’t mean you should neglect learning more knowledge and techniques, but everything you know will sound ten times better if it contains energy. Give it a shot!