How to clean a rosewood guitar neck

Guitar necks get dirty from all the use. When we play guitar we sweat and have grease and dirt on our hands and the strings collect it and the fret board collects it. If we want to keep our guitar looking nice and sounding its best we should clean it. I am going to teach you an easy way to clean your rosewood guitar neck. However you should not do this on a maple guitar neck because it has a finish on it and this will ruin the finish. Rose wood guitar necks do not have a finish on it, so this is a good way to clean it. Let’s first take a look at what you will need to clean your fretboard.

The first thing you will need to clean your guitar neck is lemon juice. You do not need much at all. You will not need much of the lemon juice, you can probably just dab your cotton or tooth-brush once and that is plenty.  The second thing you will need is something soft to apply it. I use cotton to apply lemon juice. Q tips work well because it is soft and easy to hold on to. Another option that people use is a soft toothbrush. Make sure it is soft, because if it is too hard it may hurt the wood.

Once you have all the tools you will need to clean your fret board you can gently apply the lemon juice. You will see the gunk coming off of the fret board. When you wipe it down you can also clean the frets. Let it air dry for about a minute maybe 2. Then you should take a soft rag and wipe the fret board off. After you clean it, the neck should look as good as new.

I suggest you clean your guitar neck once every 3 – 4 months. This will keep your guitar in good playing condition and make it look good too! Some people suggest more, but this should be enough. When you take care of your gear it will last longer and look better. Your gear will thank you for taking care of it.

Guitar fret boards have a habit of collecting dirt. Even if your hands are clean they still have oils on them. This will be collected on the fret board. You can clean your guitar to make it look better and sound better as well. Use something soft such as cotton or a soft tooth-brush and apply some lemon juice to the fret board. Wipe it off when you are done and it should look as good as new. Happy cleaning!