How To Play Guitar

Have you been trying to learn guitar? Maybe you just bought one? Trying to understand guitar can be confusing, especially with all those blog posts out there to choose lessons from. I am here to present to you the most basic explanation for playing guitar. With this formula you will sound exactly how you want.

Are you ready for this?


Formula: play the right notes at the right time.

OK, stop screaming and waving your arms. Let me elaborate.

1: In order to play the right notes you need to be able to play a note. A lot of exercises are created to enhance your hand coordination. Getting both hands working together is a very important step.

2: Learn what the right notes are. This is accomplished by studying chords and scales. Chords and scales are what make up songs, so these allow you to play and understand songs.

3: Our whole universe has a rhythm to it. I want you to sound like a train, but vary the speed and distance  of each chooka. Sometimes put a gap of 10 seconds in there. Do you sound like a train? No! You sound like a lunatic. Music is the exact same way. This rhythm is the final part to the formula.

For those who like math here is a mathematical formula.

Hand coordination + notes + rhythm = guitar playing

This formula will simplify learning. You will understand why you are practicing certain exercises. Hopefully you now have an idea of what you need to practice.


Best wishes.