How to use a metronome to get the most out of guitar practice

Metronomes are a useful tool when you practice guitar. They can be used to measure progress on a certain piece of music, they can help your technique, and most of all they help you play in time. This tool will help make the long journey to learning guitar easier.  Metronomes can also be a fun and challenging tool. The first step to using a metronome is having one at your disposal. There is a metronome on GitGuitar. Click on the word Metronome to be directed to the page. There are many other places you can get a metronome from, but there are 2 easy places to get them. First you can search a search engine for an online metronome. This is the cheapest and most reliable because it won’t break. The second option is to go to a music store and buy a metronome.

You may be asking when you should use a metronome. The answer is almost anywhere. I suggest that when you practice guitar scales you play them with a metronome. This will measure your progress in speed. You don’t want to try to play fast, but you will notice that you can play guitar scales faster and easier as you gradually push up the tempo. Another example of when you should use a metronome is when you practice an etude.  This is to make sure you are playing everything in time. You can also use a metronome when you are learning a new song. There are so many places to use a metronome and I am sure you will find many uses for a metronome during your guitar practice.

How do you use a metronome while you practice guitar? The simplest way is to have the metronome click on all the beats. For this post I will assume the music is in 4/4 time. So you will have the metronome click 4 times per measure. If you want to make it more challenging you can start eliminating some beats. You can play with the click on beats 2 and 4, or 1 and 3. Another way to have fun with the metronome is to put the click on beat 1 only. This is challenging because you have to stay in perfect time while you count 2 3 4 in your head. Once you are comfortable with the click on only beat 1, try putting the click on only beat 2, then beat 3, then beat 4. These exercises are fun and challenging.

As you can see, a metronome is a useful tool to aid your learning. It can also be fun and can keep you on your toes if you like a challenge. For such a cheap tool (or free if you use it online) there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to get some benefit from the metronome.  Whether you use it for 5 minutes a day, or 30 minutes a day, you will get the benefit from it. Best wishes with you and your new Best friend, the metronome.