The Importance of Putting Strap Locks on Your Guitars

Guitars usually come with strap pegs that are insecure and put the guitar at risk. Putting strap locks on your guitar is an upgrade that you should invest in as soon as possible. Many things can happen if you do not. Today we are going to discuss some of the reasons you need strap locks on your guitars

Guitars can and do fall. Strap locks will prevent this. I was at a band practice once and the other guitar player let go of his guitar for 5 seconds to get a drink from his water bottle and boom. His guitar fell and the neck cracked in half. Guitar straps would have prevented this because they do not come undone.  Strap locks will make you feel more secure that your guitar won’t fall every time you let go of it.

If you are in a situation where other people tend to use your instrument, you may find strap locks very helpful. Some people may be clumsier than you. Do you trust your guitar in the hands of someone else? Strap locks give you that extra security to prevent someone else from dropping your guitar. The couple extra dollars to upgrade to strap locks will pay for itself in the end.

If you are someone who tends to swing their instrument around a lot or bounce around while you are playing strap locks is mandatory. Jumping, bouncing, running and swinging will cause enough pressure on your instrument that it will fall off. Strap locks will prevent this. Some people who are really into entertaining tend can have more ability to show off with strap locks on their instrument. You can feel comfortable knowing that if your guitar has strap locks you won’t drop it and break it.

Strap locks are a necessary thing to create safety for your instrument. There are too many ways a guitar could drop. Having strap locks on your guitar will surely prevent dropping of your instrument. They are only a couple bucks to buy and easy to install. They will pay off for themselves in the long run. If you do not buy them you may need to buy a new guitar instead. I think most people agree that they would prefer to have a safe guitar with strap locks on them instead of risking your guitar. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below.