The Easiest Way to understand music theory

Written Music

Written Music

Music theory is usually one of the most difficult topics for people to learn. Today you will understand the easiest way to break down music theory to understand it the best way. It is easier than you think! There are only 4 categories in music theory. The first step is to identify which of these categories the theory you are learning belongs to.


  • Terminology

This might be the most difficult thing new musicians get confused by in theory. There are so many new words, many of which are not even English. If you identify what you are learning is a new word, it applies to this category. Terminology is used in all the following categories as well.


  • Chord theory

This category includes anything with more than 1 note played at a time.


  • Note Theory

This means anything that uses 1 note at a time.


  • Rhythm

This does not involve notes at all, but this is the study of time. Music takes place over a period of time. Rhythm is the study of how time is manipulated with patterns.


Each category can be explored to very deep levels, but it does not need to be confusing. Understanding how things work is not rocket science. People often make this more complicated than it needs to be.

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